For utility vehicles and custom machines

Whether it's a truck, a luxury yacht, crane, or a combined heating and power plant — NovaNox will supply you with the right tank of any size made of steel, stainless steel or aluminum. According to your drawing, freehand sketch or description, we manufacture high-quality products according to custom specifications equipped with the accompanying accessories —

from the tank cover and ports to the attachment kit and mounting brackets. Standard tanks for the aftermarket sector round off our portfolio. Thanks to our sophisticated manufacturing processes, we are able to offer this all-in service at attractive prices.

NovaNox tanks are of the highest quality and fulfill the most stringent requirements. In order to minimize the tanks' own weight, at your request NovaNox will use a sophisticated welding technique that allows up to 1 mm thick aluminum to be welded cleanly and without requiring any subsequent work.

The welding is carried out exclusively by a highly-qualified team of employees. Quality documentation, e.g. on leak tightness, pressure and dimensional accuracy, can be provided at any time.


  • Fuel tanks
  • Hydraulic tanks
  • Additive tanks
  • Large-volume tanks
  • Combination tanks for diesel/hydraulic fluids
  • Custom tanks
  • AdBlue tanks

Special know-how from NovaNox

Adblue, a key technology

In order to adhere to stringent emission guidelines and as part of the post-processing of exhaust from utility vehicles, the urea-based solution AdBlue is finding increasing use. For this, separate special tanks with an inner coating are required that are able to withstand the aggressive fluid.

As a leader in innovation, NovaNox makes use of the latest technology from the original equipment in order to make it available to the aftermarket as well. Hence, NovaNox not only manufactures AdBlue tans as original parts, but also as replacement parts — in all shapes, sizes and lot sizes. Our tanks are delivered including accessories.

Tanks for custom applications

As a manufacturer with vision, we are never simply satisfied with the status quo. Our core competency lies in the area of custom solutions. This includes tanks for the fire department, the forestry department, military vehicles, as well as for construction machines, buses, tractors, ships, and other special machines. In short: NovaNox possesses the ability to design a tailor-made tank solution for each requirement — no matter how unusual — and if required, also including custom equipment and accessories.