Silicone hoses flexibly link components or metal pipes of different pipe diameters with each other.

They absorb movement from the motor, compensate for misalignments and help to reduce vibrations and noise.

Compared with other materials, silicone has unbeatable benefits: The material is extremely elastic, yet extremely resistant to deformation, even at extreme temperatures of -50 to 200 °C in continuous operation. Even enormous pressure — for custom designs up to 6 bar — are no problem for high-quality silicone hoses. Furthermore, silicone is also physically and chemically compatible with coolants and corrosion inhibitors.

Because it is so robust, silicone hoses are used in grueling applications, including fuel lines, ventilation hoses, charge air hoses and/or hose assemblies for turbocharger systems, as engine cooler hoses, and as marine hoses.

NovaNox Portfolio

NovaNox manufactures a wide range of silicone pipes, starting from simple bending hoses all the way to silicone pipes with complex shapes and bellows.

Our product range includes:

  • Straight pipe hoses, bent at 45°/ 90°/135°, U-shaped
  • Reducing adapters
  • Abrasion protection hoses to ensure a long service life and the high resilience of components
  • Marine hoses
  • Customer-specific hoses
  • Extreme temperature hose insulation allow for safe usage even in the physical vicinity of turbo or exhaust systems
  • Accessories; e.g. hose clips

Added value thanks to optimal product characteristics

Application-specific manufacturing

Whether it's a truck, bus, construction machine, locomotive, generator or motorboat — the NovaNox team of experts will design the perfect silicone hose for your application scenario which fulfills the Euro 6 technical requirements and which can be subjected to extreme stress. From the reinforcing materials,

the wall thickness, diameter and color of the hose to the hardness of the material, we define all product characteristics in accordance with customer specifications as part of our design service, and also provide you with comprehensive documentation, including 3D data. Because we are able to manufacture special tools on our own, we can fulfill each and every product request. Even the labeling of parts (e.g. with a client logo or a traceable parts number) is possible.

Quality assurance

NovaNox offers its client comprehensive test options: To ensure a consistently high quality, we test the pressure, heat resistance, and vibration resistance, and also carry out bend tests. This allows us to test unique and challenging specifications as to their feasibility, ascertain the optimal material characteristics, and subsequently carry out manufacturing with reliable processes.