Whether it's repair parts for damaged exhaust systems, retrofitting solutions for reducing particle emission, or components for converting to AdBlue technology — NovaNox provides you with the components you require for on-road and off-road applications, quickly and in an uncomplicated manner.

Standard replacement parts for exhaust systems such as popular fuel tanks, sound absorbers, accessories and pipes are always in stock in our warehouse, and we would be glad to arrange for transport to your desired location.

Furthermore, we also "revive" your old parts: If a component is no longer functioning due to heavy wear and tear, perforation, or rust, and no CAD data is available, NovaNox will manufacture a duplicate based on your old components.

Even where retrofits are concerned, we provide you with sophisticated products that fulfill the highest standards. You will profit from our wide range of experience in OEM design and construction — a guarantee for smart product solutions that provide the added value you desire.

We would be glad to inform you on the diverse range of possibilities in a personal consultation. 

The benefits

  • Wide portfolio of immediately available replacement parts
  • Experts who can revive old components
  • Innovative retrofitting solutions for increasing the efficiency of your production equipment
  • Deliveries starting at a batch size of 1
  • Special-purpose solutions for every model and size
  • Universal components that allow for an extremely cost-effective repair of exhaust systems