For original equipment, we manufacture individualized sound absorbers with an optimized noise level and exhaust back pressure. Whether it's a round, oval or a polygonal shape — NovaNox finds the perfect solution for every dimension.

At the same time, we also fulfill all standards that are required of sound absorbers of the newest generation. For example, if so desired, we also supply sound absorbers with in-built Oxi-Kat.

Our experts elegantly adapt the geometry to the construction space available. In order to ensure that the sound absorber has a long service life, we focus on finding a material that is lightweight, as well as corrosion- and temperature-resistant.

Furthermore, during production, we use a lower-temperature welding process that allows for seamless full-depth welds to be achieved. This eliminates seam corrosion and wild noise, thereby increasing quality. At the same time, the procedure is especially economical.


  • steel, stainless steel, aluminum
  • Various surface coatings are available; e.g. powder coatings, aluminization, galvanization or (heat-resistant) coatings
  • Textile or metallic insulations for specific applications are designed as part of a project

Product overview

Reflection sound absorber

In the sound absorber, there are chambers of various sizes that are connected via pipes. The sound waves reflect off the walls of the chamber, which results in the reduction of the sound pressure peak. This principle is particularly suited to the damping of low frequencies.

Combination sound absorber

This type of sound absorber combines the reflection principle with the absorption principle. This allows both low and high frequencies to be filtered reliably.

Absorption sound absorbers

Chambers filled with noise-absorbing fibers absorb the noise and transform the energy into heat. If desired, we will use a non-hygroscopic material from which condensed water can roll off. This principle is particularly suited to the damping of high frequencies.

Custom sound absorbers

The construction space available for a sound absorber is extremely limited? Is condensed water an important issue? Or are there other important aspects of your project that also require attention, such as heat protection, noise performance, dB reduction, or fuel savings?

No matter how unusual or challenging your issue may be, our highly effective team of experts is here for you!

Accessories and replacement parts

We also carry a comprehensive range of exhaust system replacement parts and series sound absorbers, including the corresponding accessories.