From simple arches to complex free-form geometric shapes — the NovaNox team shapes pipe systems into the desired form.

This is then followed by various types of end machining such as expansion, reduction, slot-milling, beading or flanging, as well as the mounting of connections and add-on pieces (pipe end parts in the shape of male/female muffs, flanges etc.)

Because we possess a wide range of tools and the latest CNC bending machines, we can offer you pipes and pipe systems at attractive prices for all batch sizes.

Whether it's individualized prototypes or large lot sizes — expert NovaNox specialists handle each project with the greatest care and advise you every step of the way. Instead of having non-committal conversations, you will receive a permanent contact partner who will take care of the entire project.

Whatever the task, special or material requirements: We deliver exactly what you need — quickly, reliably, and in the best quality.


  • We use exclusively materials of the highest quality which can withstand the most extreme stress: steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass
  • Various surface treatments are available; e.g. etching, passivization, powder coatings, aluminization, galvanization, glass bead blasting, sandblasting, priming, and (heat-resistant) coatings
  • Textile or metallic insulations for specific applications are designed for specific projects.

Pipe types

  • Exhaust pipes
  • Charge air pipes
  • Cooling water pipes
  • Hydraulic pipes
  • Air conditioning pipes
  • Intake pipes
  • Acid-resistant pipes — AdBlue/SCR systems
  • Circumferential range Ø 20 mm to Ø 508 mm


Fitting accuracy

The construction space that is made available is continually shrinking. This is why it is increasingly important to ensure the fitting accuracy of pipe. For NovaNox, gauge accuracy is a focal point of quality assurance. Even the smallest standard tolerances can be adhered to thanks to precise manufacturing techniques.

Excellent execution

NovaNox uses only high-performance CNC bending machines. This allows us to obtain perfectly formed pipe shapes that are not only gauge-accurate, but also aesthetically pleasing. NovaNox pipes of every shape — with small or large radii, bend-in-bend constructions or free-form geometric shapes — are characterized by minimal ovality in the bend, minimal deformations in the interior of a bend, and a minimal reduction of wall coating. Creases in the bend are avoided entirely.