Expansion joints offset changes of length that arise due to differences of temperature, thereby guaranteeing the durability of exhaust systems. In addition, motor vibrations and movements — axial, lateral or angular — are cushioned by the use of an expansion joint. NovaNox provides you with expansion joints made of metal or silicone of various wall thicknesses and geometrical shapes, with a mesh or fabric and with various connecting pieces. Corrosion-resistant, extremely durable, and of the highest quality.

Custom solutions

The NovaNox team spares no effort when it comes to fulfilling your requirements. Our expertise particularly shines in the area of custom solutions. After all, it's only when things get complicated that our talent is put to the test.

Whether it's a utility vehicle, motorboat or custom machine — NovaNox's expansion joints set new standards.

Added value thanks to optimal product characteristics

Axial expansion joints

These cost-effective and space-saving expansion joints in a simple design are suitable for compensating for thermal changes of length and vibration in the longitudinal direction of the pipe run. However, the process with which the bellows are extended or compressed according to the stress is only suitable for pipelines laid in a straight line and with clearly defined and stable anchor points.

Angular expansion joints

Angular expansion joints are joint systems that compensate for the angular movements of connecting parts in the pipeline at all levels. They are characterized by their ability to compensate for large expansions and movement. However, compared with axial expansion joints, they require much more free construction space. Where cost is concerned, these artfully designed expansion joints are also unable to compete with axial expansion joints.

Lateral expansion joints

Lateral expansion joints compensate for sideways movements of pipeline segments. They make it necessary to reorient the pipeline, which consumes construction space, and in certain situations requires additional laying work, but are able to compensate for large amounts of expansions and movement without any problem.

Corrugated tubes

Corrugated tubes connect the exhaust systems — which are subjected to vibrations — flexibly to each other, hence inhibiting the transmission of motor vibrations to the exhaust system. We also provide optional flexible pipes with 2S compression type mechanical joints for vehicles up to a max. of Euro 3 or with a 3S compression type mechanical joint. The latter fulfill an exhaust standard of at least Euro 4 and prevent the catalytic converter from being clogged up.