Standard exhaust processing systems are hardly suitable for optimal emission control. Here, we have to differentiate between the specifications of the individual motors with regard to intended use,

construction space, temperature management, sound design, and the emission limits to be observed.

Hence, NovaNox specializes in the development of tailor-made emission post-processing systems which cater to diverse ranges of application — from trucks, buses and construction machines to stationary systems, rail vehicles and ships.

Thanks to the latest manufacturing technologies and high-quality materials, we are able to manufacture all components with reliable processes and at the highest quality. This lays the foundation for a long, maintenance-free utilization time of emission-lowering systems for on-road and off-road diesel motors.

Expertise in old and new vehicles

OEM applications

The experienced NovaNox team defines off-road and on-road emission control concepts and designs complete emission post-processing systems for renowned OEM vehicle and motor manufacturers. Apart for our extensive know-how in the area of emissions reductions, our client also benefits from our considerable experience in project management. Reaction times are reduced to a minimum, and permanently assigned contact partners are a matter of course at NovaNox. If necessary, we also coordinate with all companies involved in the project to make things easier for you in your internal processes.

Retrofitting solutions

Having a "green sticker" has become a necessary requirement for the use of diesel vehicles in more than 80 low emission zones in Germany and in Europe. NovaNox manufactures affordable retrofitting solutions for reducing particle emissions, allowing the use of vehicles in all zones with emission limits. Even with off-road machines, the use of diesel particle filters is recommended to protect the environment and for health reasons.