NoavNox – Your one-stop shop

NovaNox, which is headquartered in Braunschweig, Germany, possesses the highest degree of expertise in the development and manufacturing of pipe systems, exhaust management systems, and tanks for on-road and off-road applications.

Whether it's utility vehicles, stationary systems, yachts or special machines in the OEM or retrofitting sector, the NovaNox team will find the perfect solution for each task that combines efficacy, competitiveness, and functionality in an optimal fashion, while at the same time unlocking cost-saving potential.

Our work is nothing if not visionary. We are always flexible, and show the highest degree of commitment to the client.


Quality management

Service and product quality are paramount for NovaNox. Our experts are also consultants with special know-how. They know how to design components so that they are future-proof and cost-optimized, and come up with concepts to provide the best possible solution.

These are then implemented in the production process with the use of the latest CNC manufacturing technologies. For us, a reliable reproducibility of the workpieces and the compiling of initial sample test reports are a matter of course. We manufacture in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and follow a zero-error quality strategy.



Our highly-motivated team will see you through from the beginning of the prototype phase to the handing over of the product. Each and every individual feels responsible for his project. This strong personal bond, together with true commitment and expert consultations, allow us to achieve especially favorable results in our work.

Honesty, transparency, reliability and fairness determine our courses of action. We value our close relationship with our clients and always being reliable available for them. We consider this the basis for mutual trust. Furthermore, we coordinate with other suppliers that are involved in the project to make things easier on you, our client.


Optimized Processes

Efficient and well-structured processes which focus on the client's requirements and ensure a stable supply chain are the cornerstone of NovaNox's business philosophy.

We do not simply rely on that which is proven and tested. We are continuously working on improving our processes and products. In order to do so, we have established a company culture of open communication, such that every employee can submit suggestions for improvement.  Whether it's more efficient product development cycles, faster reaction times for change requests, products with a higher performance rating, or optimized just-in-time logistics — we make full use of every last bit of optimization potential we uncover.